3 Ways We Can Help You by Talking to IT Vendors

3 Ways We Can Help You by Talking to IT Vendors

Some people are so good at communicating that they do it for a living. The best communicators get paid to talk to people on the behalf of others, with an interpreter being the classic example of this. In your business dealings, there are some people that you would rather have someone else talk to on your behalf; IT vendors often fall into this category.

It's not that IT vendors aren't enjoyable to talk to; in fact, we enjoy talking to vendors and work closely with many of them. Herein, lies our point, we love talking to IT vendors, and you may not. This is why have created, just for you, our IT Vendor Management service. To give you a simple and honest description of this service; you pay us to talk to vendors for you. It's kind of like you're hiring us as your very own technology interpreter.

Translating Technologese
In its own unique way, technology has its own language (a dialect we like to refer to as technologese). For example, many computer components go by odd abbreviations, like RAM is short for Random Access Memory, but to someone that doesn't speak technologese, they will think RAM is the horned animal that specializes in head-butting. Therefore, a user unfamiliar with computer RAM would be confused if they were told their computer needs more RAM. This miscommunication could result in some pretty funny scenarios, like taking a broken laptop to the local zoo. If you're unfamiliar with technologese, then you will want to get yourself an interpreter like us so you can avoid unnecessary trips to the zoo.

Even if you are fluent in technologese, you can still benefit from teXium's IT Vendor Management service. One of the difficulties that comes with calling an IT vendor about repairing broken technology is that it can be very time consuming. This is primarily because an IT vendor may only deal with customers like yourself whenever their product breaks, and because they don't interact with you regularly, they might not feel obligated to provide outstanding customer service.

Knowing the Right People to Talk To
Because a vendor may not prioritize, you may find yourself in for a long hold time whenever you call an IT vendor, which is a huge waste of your time. As a busy business owner, your time is valuable and you can't afford to be on hold and navigate phone menus, but you can afford our Vendor Management service, especially when it's bundled with teXium's other great managed IT services!

Another added benefit from having us talk to the vendors on your behalf is that we do it often enough, that we know how to avoid long hold times. In fact, there are some vendors that we talk to so often that we're on a first name basis and we can reach them quicker than a new customer calling for the first time.

Making Sure You Don't Get Lost in Translation
Another tricky aspect of talking to vendors is that you may find yourself on the phone explaining your problem to an operator from a foreign country, and in this conversation, you may have a hard time understanding the words that are coming out of their mouth. If you lack the technical knowledge to explain your problem, and if you have a hard time talking to people with thick accents, then calling an IT vendor to fix your copy machine may be a highly aggravating experience. In situations like this, you can have teXium be your technology interpreter and talk to these vendors for you.

teXium will talk to people for you! When we put it like this, it seems a little bit too simple, but if you have ever spent time on the phone having technical details explained to you, wasting time (while on hold), or trying to make sense of foreign jargon, then you will understand that our Vendor Management service is a lot more than just paying us to talk. To learn more about how our Vendor Management service can save you time by giving you a single point of contact for all of your technology issues, call teXium today at (877) 600-7263!

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