Can Wearable Tech Benefit Your Business?

Can Wearable Tech Benefit Your Business?

When smartphones and tablets were first introduced, many businesses mocked the idea that these novelty devices could usurp the mighty desktop. Companies that didn't get in early on these mobile device trends had to play catch up to their more insightful competitors. Wearable tech is the next mobile device trend on the horizon. Is it worth taking advantage of?

At this point, it's too early to tell for sure the kind of impact wearable tech will have on the business world, and that's the point, you will want to use your market assessment skills and look at every angle to make an informed decision about this trend for yourself. One thing we can all learn from tablets (the last mobile device trend) is that it's important to consider seriously the implications of new gadgets from every angle, no matter how silly the new gadget first appears.

The angle that makes wearable technology particularly interesting comes from technology manufactures. All the major players for software innovation like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony and more, have either had a recent major release for a new wearable technology product (like Google Glass), or they are rumored to be working on a new wearable tech that will change everything (like the iWatch from Apple). If these major companies are investing so heavily in wearable tech, then you can bet they have spent a ton of money studying the market to find out how ripe it is for their new technology, and it's unlikely you can afford to do market research on the same level as Apple.

Another technology manufacturer angle you will want to consider is that software companies will make their most innovative solutions for their newest products. This is a valid business strategy to help get their new technology off the ground, and this is one reason why many businesses will gamble on new technologies, because having the competitive edge is worth it. Even if the new technology doesn't work out, there's still a competitive value that comes from using the latest solutions.

Wearable tech can positively impact many different markets. TechMarketView analyzes these markets and Rob Holway, TechMarketView's chairmen of analysis, explained just how far reaching this new technology can be. "Wearable computing will infect every part of corporate IT – from financial services (think mobile payments) to airlines (think e-tickets) through to healthcare (in my view its biggest market). You can ignore it. But, much more importantly, you could start to take real advantage of it. You probably have a year to get your plans into production."

It's exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology. Businesses that take advantage of the newest solutions will reach new markets and customers because of it, leaving their competitors scrambling to catch up. teXium is here to help your business adapt the latest solutions in order to gain the valuable competitive edge. If you want to know more about how the latest devices like wearable tech, tablets, smartphones, and more can help your business, then give teXium a call at (877) 600-7263. We will be happy to help you consider which new solutions are right for your business, and we can also support whatever technology you decide to go with. Don't fall behind, call us today!

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Friday, 29 May 2020

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