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password693.jpgA secure computer network will have multiple defenses in place to keep your sensitive information safe from hackers. But the most important defense is the first line, your password. It is a best practice to use a different password for every account. A tool like Password Safe will make creating a strong password for each account quick and easy.

Password Safe is a secure random password generator. You might be thinking that coming up with a password is not too difficult of a task, so what's the point of automating it? Sure, you can think up of words all on your own, but some words make better passwords than others. Having the guarantee of a strong password is just one of the benefits to using a password generator.

The weakest passwords use words that are easily associated with your life, like a family member's or a pet's name. The strongest passwords are gibberish; a random assortment of letters, numbers, and special characters that take up the maximum number of characters allowed. A random password generator will automatically create passwords that will use the weirdest combination of characters to form the strongest passwords possible.

It may not be too difficult to come up with a new password, but it can take time. Even if you spend only one minute creating a password that is strong and easy to remember, that is still one minute longer than it needs to be. Plus, there are many password tools available that makes it so that you do not have to remember your password. Password management tools like LastPass, RoboForm, and KeePass will securely store your passwords and insert them into account forms with a single click.

Another best practice for network security is to regularly switch out every password to every account a couple of times per year. Today, a casual internet user may have a dozen online accounts, while a heavy internet user may have twice that many. A random password generator will make the chore of creating all new passwords a breeze, whereas without one, you would have to dream up and record dozens of new passwords all on your own--a task well worth automating.

A random password generator is a great way to strengthen the first level of security to your network. If you would like to learn about all the network security tools available to your company, like a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device and automatic antivirus software updates, then give COMPANYNAME a call at PHONENUMBER.

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