Exercise Using the Power of the Orb

EnergyOrb400.jpgWe love technology, but for many of us, using the gadgets that we love may include side effects like prolonged sessions of sitting, which means a lack of physical activity. To remedy this problem, we are seeing more exercise gadgets being invented. One such gadget that caught our eye is the Personal Energy Orb (PEO).

What makes the PEO so appealing is that it provides the perfect bridge between a stationary workstation and an exercise machine like a bicycle. Whereas there are many exercise apps for your mobile devices, and the newest models of exercise equipment come loaded with technology, few exercise technologies actually provide you the motivation to exercise.

The PEO is a softball sized orb that glows red or green. Red means that the orb is low on energy, green means that the PEO is fully charged. It is up to your physical activity to keep the orb charged, if you do not, then there will be consequences.

What kind of consequences? When the glowing green PEO is plugged into the USB port of your PC, then your computer will work flawlessly. As the orb loses power, it slowly turns red and the speed of your mouse cursor will become slower and slower. Your mouse will eventually slow down to the slowest setting, making your PC useless. The only way to make things right again is to unplug the orb, get off your duff, dust off the bicycle, attach the PEO to your bike, and ride long enough until the orb is once again glowing green. You can then return to your PC, plug in the charged orb, and have your mouse work at normal speeds.


For many of us who all too often find ourselves glued to a monitor, a cool gadget like the PEO might be the perfect device that we need to get our butts and our bikes in gear. Unfortunately, the PEO is not for sale, it is a technology project by inventors Janko Hofmann and Fabian Pammer. If you are a technology wizard, then you can attempt to build the PEO yourself using plans published by the inventors. With enough encouragement, it might be possible to persuade the inventors of the PEO to launch their invention for mass production using fundraising websites like Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com.

It is disappointing that we cannot buy our own PEO, but don't think for one minute that the unavailability of the PEO is a valid excuse to not exercise. Do whatever it takes to find the motivation you need to get physically fit. You can't buy a PEO, but you can help to motivate others in the comment section by letting everybody know about great exercise technologies that have worked for you. Flex for us in the comments!

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Friday, 29 May 2020

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