Microsoft Office 2013 is Here!

home400.jpgIf there's one thing Microsoft understands, it's delivering what businesses need as far as productivity tools. Others have tried and struggled to compete with the enormous set of features of Microsoft Office, but Microsoft's suite of tools is by far the gold standard for businesses, schools, and personal users. The new Office 2013 is finally available and has some notable improvements.

A Spiffy New Look
Microsoft has been stepping up their visual game with Windows 8 and the same can be said about Office 2013. It's slick. There's less clutter and it is easier to get around and find what you need. The last few versions of Office, apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel have had some great tools and presets, but they were hard to find. With 2013, it puts them right in front of you so you know where they are as soon as you start the application. Everything is faster and easier to use across the board.

Design Like a Pro
PowerPoint 2013 is now easier to use, with a much cleaner design pane, so you can easily produce clean, concise visuals. There are collaboration and commenting tools for when multiple people are working on the same presentation.

One of our favorite new PowerPoint features has to be the ability to easily embed various types of media into the presentation. It used to be a huge hassle. These new collaboration, commenting, and media embedding tools are also available with the other Office 2013 applications.

2013 is on Cloud 9
Imagine ditching a huge chunk of your IT infrastructure. For many small businesses, this is a reality with Microsoft's Office 365 paired with Office 2013. Office 365 takes your email, documents, and collaboration tools and stores them all in the cloud. Safe, secure, and extremely simple, you no longer need to worry about hosting an Exchange server or managing a complex SharePoint setup to access to documents and e-mail.

Office 2013 integrates seamlessly into Office 365, letting you quickly save and access documents on the cloud. Multiple users can work on the same document from anywhere and collaborate, inserting comments within the document itself to communicate. Best of all, you can access documents and e-mail from virtually any internet connected computer or mobile device.

Office 365 has a massive amount of benefits. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER to learn how Office 365 can eliminate a lot of hassle and overhead for your business!

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Friday, 28 February 2020

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