So Long! Preparing your Computer for a New Owner

NewOwner400.jpgIt is finally time to retire your computer and upgrade to a new one. If the PC still runs, then you can find it a new home. Before you give it away, you will want to take a couple precautions to ensure that your sensitive data isn't at risk. Take these steps to prepare your PC for a new life with a new user.

Gather Software/Product Keys
A new PC usually comes with a small assortment of CDs and documentation. It's not mandatory, but if you have these resources floating around, they would be helpful to the new owner, just in case they need to restore the PC to its factory settings. On most desktops, the Windows product key is adhered to the side of the case, and on notebooks, you'll find it on the underside.

At COMPANYNAME, we have software that we can run on the device to pull up most product keys and other information about what software is installed. This information will give you a nice report and can come in handy if you are missing any data.

Wipe the Hard Drive
You'd be amazed at how much sensitive information is on your hard drive. If you've ever used your credit card for online shopping, it's likely stored somewhere on your PC. Your social media passwords, sensitive documents, and email could also be sitting there, even when you think you've removed it. In fact, even deleting every file won't do the trick; if someone wants to, they can run software to recover deleted data. Your best bet is taking your old PC in and having it wiped securely.

Swap the Hard Drive
If you don't mind putting in a little money into the PC that you are getting rid of, then you can simply purchase a new drive and keep the old one. Hard Drives are fairly inexpensive, costing as little as $60. Keep your old hard drive just in case, and give the new owner a fresh drive.

Reinstall Windows
If you had your hard drive wiped or purchased a new one, you'll need to reinstall the OS. This process isn't too tricky if you have your Factory Reset CD or Windows Installation CD from the manufacturer. Pop in the installation CD, boot up your PC, and follow the instructions.

However, if you don't want to worry about Windows installation or any of these steps, then you can let COMPANYNAME handle it. If you don't have the CDs from the manufacturer it can take a little longer to seek out all the drivers for your hardware, but this is nothing that we can't handle. With Windows reinstalled and your sensitive data wiped, your PC will be exactly like it was the day you bought it and ready to ship off to a new home!

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Friday, 28 February 2020

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