Take My Money, CES!

Tech400.jpgWe are now on the other side of the annual Consumer Electronics Show. This year's annual trade show was held in Las Vegas and featured over 3,000 vendors. With 3,000 booths, there was bound to be something for everyone, even for consumers who enjoy odd technologies. Here is our pick of the three strangest gadgets to come out of CES 2013.

iMusic BodyRhythm Massage Vest
Do you like music? Do you like massages? If you answered "Yes" to both of these questions, then you will love the iMusic BodyRhythm Massage Vest. This vest looks like a thin life jacket, it is loaded with vibrating heads and there is a control panel on the front. The idea is simple, different massaging heads will activate based on the rhythm of the music played on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This allows you to become immersed in your music like never before. This vest will definitely take listening to soothing jazz or thrash metal to a whole new level.

The iMusic BodyRhythm Massage Vest uses its own iPhone app to play music from your iTunes library over a bluetooth signal; the vest then syncs the massage to the beat of your music. There is even a feature that will let you use the app to turn your iPhone into a drum set, allowing you to feel your beats. The makers of this vest have a background in designing medical equipment and they are currently raising money on Kickstarter.com to get their new product off the ground. By pledging to the project on Kickstarter, you can have your own vest delivered to you by April for half of its retail cost of $69.

Another new product making use of the latest in vibration innovation is the HapiFork. HapiFork is truly a utensil like no other, teaching you to slow down and enjoy your meal by vibrating if you eat faster than 6 bites per minutes (bpm), which works out to 10 seconds between bites. There is also a HapiSpoon that performs in the same manner. Hapispoon will make wolfing down a bowl of soup a very messy experience. The HapiFork is a new product so it has yet to be accurately tested for weight loss results, but there are many advantages to eating slowly, especially considering that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full. Coming in at $99, Hapifork will be worth it for anybody who may be suffering from digestive problems.

Speaking of digestion, we bring you the iPotty: the toliet training accessory for today's toddlers who are tech savvy enough to use the iPad, while not yet having mastered their own output capabilities. The iPotty is a small and colorful plastic toilet built with a tray to hold your iPad. You can use the iPad to display a toilet training app on your business device while your child is taking care of some business of their own. The iPotty comes with a splash guard that keeps your iPad protected from...well...you know, and for the little lads, there is even a genuine pee guard that sits upright on the backend of the toilet seat. The technology of the iPotty is nothing more than a $40 plastic toilet with a tray, yet it was one of the biggest hits of CES 2013.

Do any of these new technologies catch your fancy? Can you think of any other gadgets on the market that are weirder than these? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments.

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