Tip: Save Media from Chrome to Google Drive

GrumpyCatSaves400.jpgUsing two applications from one company has its advantages. Google has added an extension to Google Chrome that allows users to easily save media from Google Chrome to Google Drive. With a simple right click, you can save any image, HTML5 video, or audio to Google Drive.

The Save to Google Drive extension is free and available for download from the Google Web Store. Use Chrome to navigate to the web store and click on the blue text box that says + ADD TO CHROME. Google will ask you to check a standard box giving Google permission to add content to your Drive account; you will want to confirm this in order to proceed. After the extension has successfully downloaded the blue text box will change colors to green and say RATE IT.

You will now want to test out your new extension and use Chrome to navigate to a website that has a picture, video, or audio file that you would like to save. After you have picked out a good media file, right click on it and select Save to Drive.

If this is the first time that you are using this feature, then you will be asked permission to grant the Save to Google Drive application access to your Google Drive account. To continue, select the blue text box that says Grant Access. You will only need to grant the application access to your account once. This step will not appear the next time that you use the Save to Drive extension.

To find your image, open your Google Drive account and click on My Drive. If your Drive file view is set to LAST MODIFIED, then your media file will be sitting at the top of the list. You can now open it in Drive and do with it as you please.

One advantage to saving media files to Google Drive is that you are storing the saved files to the cloud. Media files, especially video, are big and can take up large amounts of space on your hard drive. By storing media files on the cloud, you will have freed up space on your PC and the file will be securely backed up. This Save to Drive extension will be especially handy for anybody who regularly downloads media from the internet and uses Google Apps.

Ultimately, Save to Drive will save you a step or two compared to saving a file onto your computer's hard drive, and then having to separately upload the file to Google Drive. Saving even one step in your computer usage routine will add up over time. Check back here for more PC productivity tips that will benefit you and everybody in your office.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

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