What’s New in Digital Surveillance?

b2ap3_thumbnail_CameraParty400.jpgSurveillance technology has come a long way from the days of having to designate entire closets for VHS tape storage. Digital recording, high-definition cameras, and Wi-Fi technology allow companies to keep their property safe in many new and exciting ways. If you haven't looked into digital surveillance lately, here are three new features that will make you want to install little cameras everywhere.

Network Digital Video Recorders
Gone are the days of having a lone security guard named Hank sitting in a room full of monitors. Today, thanks to video encoders and network digital video recorders (DVR), Hank can sit back on the beach sipping Mai Tais while keeping an eye on everything from his mobile device. Having the ability to record all of your surveillance footage on a network means that you, or anybody else, can access the security footage from anywhere, and when it comes to surveillance, the more eyes the better. In fact, digital recording technology will allow you to hire a third party security firm who will remotely monitor your property and notify local authorities accordingly, which cost significantly less than a full time security guard, sorry Hank.

High-Definition Cameras
With progressive scan and megapixel technology, the definition of your network security camera is limited only by how much you are willing to spend. Even the basic digital surveillance cameras can display significantly more detail than the old analog CCTV cameras. Today, many retail stores are taking advantage of high-resolution cameras and installing them above cash registers; this allows for security monitors to have the ability to view data from a point of sales device on the video feed from the camera.

Intelligent Video Recording and Playback
With the ability to store recorded footage on a local hard drive or a cloud server, you never have to worry about making space for tapes. Running out of GBs is no longer an issue, but somebody still has to watch all that footage, right? Having multiple cameras record for 24/7 will give you more footage to watch than is humanly possible, but thanks to intelligent video recording and playback capabilities, you won't have to watch every gripping second of nothing happening.

Advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence and analytics can be programmed to record only what you want them to record. Using motion and light detectors to trigger recordings, you can set your security system to only record events. You can also program specific times to capture recordings, or have the camera only record when the alarm is triggered. Digital network recording will let you customize your security settings to give you as much or as little video recordings as you think that you need in order to be safe.

Digital surveillance technology can be scaled to the size and security needs of your business, and it is easy to add more cameras to your security network as your company grows. To get started with your own digital surveillance system, you will first want to reach out to your IT company because digital surveillance will use the hardware infrastructure of your company's computer network. Call COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER to learn more about using your network for digital surveillance.

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Monday, 18 November 2019

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