Data Gathering

teXium's goal is to gather all data related to connectivity, mobility and cloud services for our customers, with minimal engagement needed from your team. Point us in the right direction, and we will get to work.


teXium will provide a comprehensive overview of your enterprise voice, data, mobility and cloud services. teXium's process includes breaking down all related invoices. We determine actual costs and compare with industry standards.


Leveraging our industry expertise, teXium collaborates with your team to develop a strategy road map that addresses your pain points and fits your organizational goals.


Our allegiance is to our customer, and we therefore recommend the best price and performance solution regardless of the provider.

Review & Revise

Collarboration with our teams to ensure the network design achieves the goals and expectations of decision makers, and that it is cost effective and efficient.


Its go time! With the providers process laid out in advance, the teXium team works to ensure smooth take off, thus allowing for successful landing in predetermined time frame.

Project Management

From the implemetation of services to the final disconnect of previous billing, teXium's team works to ensure all aspects of the project are comleted to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Post Implementation

Project complete, but our engagement does not end there! teXium will continue to stand by your side with long-term support, assistance and provider management.

Refine / Optimize / Improve

teXium is here to assist with technology changes, staff augmentation, bandwidth upgrades and as new products and services are a required.

Want to Work With Us?

We are committed to building relationships with our customers, which allows us to understand how technology impacts their daily operations. With that knowledge, we provide cost-effective solutions that empower your organization so you do what you do best... and teXium takes care of the rest.